If you’re not using Tinkerwell, then you should start using it today. It’s your dream come true. It’s effectively Laravel tinker on steroids, and much more magical. The purpose of this blog post is to give you an insight into what Tinkerwell is all about, and how it works. I’m not getting paid for this, it’s purely to share the magic with other developers, and to make you realise what you’re missing.

What is Tinkerwell?

A dream come true for every Laravel coder. Saving time, energy and the most precocious debugging tool available.

– Every developer

Tinkerwell is a fantastic Laravel tool which provides you the opportunity to test code within a clean, modern and responsively debuggable interface. Although Tinker alone might be useful, Tinkerwell takes this to the next level and allows multi-line “tinkering” with instantaneous output and code formatting.

Why is it “essential”?

In order to code with minimal mistakes, every developer should always thoroughly test their code with multi-case scenarios, and often this can be both time consuming and frustrating (especially if you’re on a tight deadline!). With Tinkerwell’s instantaneous output and code formatting, you can elegantly test your code with ease and finally implement with your codebase.

You have multiple themes and general options which you can change for your exact preference, such as auto evaluation of your scripts, light or dark themes with many more features on the roadmap.

I’m super excited to see the new features coming out for Tinkerwell – the developers listen to your ideas too!

SSH Access

You can connect to your remote Laravel applications and tinker without changing your codebase

IDE Integration

Plugins for VSCode, Sublime Text 3 and PHP Storm are available to tinker with ease

Query Inspection

Check your exact queries with your codebase to see the magic which is occurring

How to get started?

If you’re ready to take your coding principles and elegantly improve “best practice” coding, you should head over to the Tinkerwell website https://tinkerwell.app/ straight away. It’s affordable, and essential (in my opinion, and many others).

Don’t forget to share this article with your coding community, and make them aware of something they’re truly missing out on!

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